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Local Knowledge Property Group and Local Knowledge Ventures provides the professional insights, expertise and experience to provide our clients with the customer service, professionalism and most importantly confidentiality and privacy.

With our over 30 years of experience providing professional services to family offices we can provide the network and demonstrate the skills to help you on your buyers journey.With our team having worked and resided in Asia, USA, Japan and Australia we are able to bring the international experience to the local Sydney market.

With a team of experienced professionals knowledgeable in accounting, taxation, real estate, finance and business investment and business operations we are able to assist in areas of buyer advocacy. We do recognise that not all specialists services can be with one firm and we work closely on a professional and arm’s length basis with our network

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When you’re buying a house, commercial or development property finding an agent is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A buyer advocate can help you through the entire purchase process: from providing housing value appraisals and negotiation services to helping you find the right home inspector and mortgage broker. And with our extensive real estate knowledge and experience, we can guide you to make informed decisions without having to worry about getting taken advantage of by agents of the seller.

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